EvolutionTech Recruitment is an elite IT recruitment firm focusing on everything Digital & Data in Germany, Netherlands, France, London & the Nordics. We combine personality and passion with the utmost professionalism in order to forge long-lasting partnerships with both our clients and candidates.

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We’ve placed hundreds of talented individuals across Europe. With a focus in Germany, Netherlands, France, London & the Nordics, we’re able to understand your unique requirements and help you find the right role, or the right candidate.

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Are you a brand new start up needing to quickly scale your tech teams?  Or maybe an international market leader going through a period of hyper growth? Do you simply want some market insight before committing to your hiring plans? See our suite of solutions for your business.

We people say about us

Gianluca Sclano - C++ Development Leader @ FACEIT

"It has been a pure pleasure working with Mitchell. Mitchell is a dedicated and organized professional and a delightful person to work with. Mitchell understands people and company/project culture, which is one of the reasons that he is good at what he does. During our collaboration, he followed the process step by step providing useful insights and continuous updates, and I would definitely recommend Mitchell"!

Eyad Kasouha - Global Head of IT @ Hemro Group

"It has been a pure pleasure working with Mitchell. Mitchell is a persistent, dedicated, and organized professional. At the same time, he is a very pleasant person to work with. If you are looking for a headhunter to accompany you through your recruitment process step by step and to support you and provide you with useful insights all along, I would definitely recommend Mitchell!"

Kasper Friis - Developer @ e-Boks A/S

"When Mitchell first contacted me, the conversation quickly developed into being about a lot more than just technical skills and needs. Mitchell understands people and company/project culture, which is one of the reasons that he is good at what he does. It didn't take long before Mitchell found me a great job opportunity, taking my personal wishes into account. I deeply recommend Mitchell to others in my field of work".

Walter Malgoire - Tech Lead/Developer @ TECHFORM

"I've been in contact with Mitchell since he reached out to me on LinkedIn about a very nice job offer that matched my skills and goals. During our first call I could immediately appreciate his technical knowledge but first and foremost his human qualities and kindness. . I wish more recruiters would be as dedicated, open-minded, calm, and always giving feedback at every step. I went through all the recruitment processes and discussed them with great people. Had a final job offer closest to my current goals. Thanks Mitchell! You are definitely the kind of recruiter and human being I have the pleasure to deal with in our domain!".

Kenneth Jakobsen - Senior Cloud Architect @ Digizuite

"I was approached by Mitchell, about a great job opportunity, he was very aware of my needs and communicating them to the employer. Mitchell made the bumpy ride, smooth sailings. If I ever need another job I will not hesitate to contact Mitchell. 10/10"

Gianluca Delfino - C++ Tech Lead @ KeyLess

"Mitchell was very professional and helped me throughout the whole journey from the first interview to the offer. Thank you Mitchell".

Ignacy Sokołowski - Software Engineer @ Spark Networks

"I am pleased to recommend Mitchell. He contacted me about a job offer, which appeared to be a perfect match for me. Mitchell managed to speed up the recruitment process and he promptly provided me with the feedback. He was able to present most of the information about the company during our initial phone conversation. I am very thankful to Mitchell for placing me in my current role. I highly recommend Mitchell to assist anyone looking for new job opportunities".

Daniel Almqvist - Agile Lead @ Kindred Group

"I got contacted by Mitchell here on LinkedIn about future opportunities. We had a pleasant conversation and exchanged some information about the new work opportunity and my situation and future needs. From my point of view Mitchell managed to grasp what I was interested in and forward that to the employer. During the recruitment process I got constant feedback and I was always contacted by Mitchell with a happy and positive attitude that keept my own spirit on a high note. Mitchell has been a great recruiter for me and he has been with me through the whole process with a top of the line attitude, feedback and information channel from the company to me and back to the company".

Romain Chalant - Full Stack Engineer @ Skatteverket

"Mitchell is a very professional and transparent recruiter. He gets straight to the point and has a very good understanding of the local job market. I warmly recommend Mitchell to anyone who wants to hear about opportunities in a quick and effective way".

Thorbjørn Jelgren - Lead Web Developer @ KILROY

"I've been in contact with Mitchell since he contacted me about a job offer. He's a very nice person and even though I didn't know him, I quickly let my guards down. He is dedicated and when he knows that you are looking for a new job, he is not forgetting you. He will return as soon as he has a new job offer on his hand".

Jacob Ignatius - Senior Software Developer @ Sky

"I recently had the pleasure to interact with Mitchell after he approached me with a job opportunity. He was very positive and supportive throughout the process, giving me feedback and useful tips along the way. With his help, I very nearly landed a new job. My lack of experience in some sectors counted against me. However, I would definitely recommend Mitchell to anyone else looking for a new job".

Gabriel Fonseca - Front-End Developer @ E2X

"Great professional with great feedback and a great way of working, had a great experience with him"!

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